learn more about U.S. Jonah Crab

A growing and desirable fishery along the northeastern US coast, Jonah crab is considered the “Atlantic Dungeness”, with meaty claws and a delicious taste of the sea. Read on to find out why this crab is catching the attention of chefs everywhere.

Jonah Crab—A New Taste for International Markets

See how Jonah Crab, with its delicate buttery taste, has the versatility to boost any menu. Renowned chef and author, Barton Seaver, will show you a few of his favorite ways to work with this relatively new-to-market ingredient as well as discuss its high value in the kitchen. Watch the videos below to learn more.

Get to Know Jonah Crab (Cancer Borealis)

Get to Know Jonah Crab (Cancer Borealis)

Jonah Crab – At a Glance:

Frozen U.S. Jonah Crab Claw Versatility

Frozen Jonah crab claws can be served in a variety of applications and provide ease of preparation. Whole claws are ideal for restaurant buffets or can be sold in food service counters to consumers.

Scored claws and arm can be sold refreshed or frozen in food service counters or to wholesale outlets.  Steamed or cold, this item is ideal on buffet menus or as an appetizer served with dipping sauces.

Cocktail claws can be paired with a mustard sauce for dipping or included in a variety of recipes, served either steamed or cold. These claws are available in both foodservice and retail.

Empress claws offer fully exposed meat for consumer convenience in fine dining or at home experiences, served cold or steamed with dipping sauces or marinades.

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